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PROJECT PI is an on-line history of America's first purpose built skydiving center, 

The purpose of the Project to open up the community the history of the drop zones, aircraft and especially those who worked or jumped there.  Anyone that wishes to contribute or comment is free to do so. 

PI was an amazing place and it set the standard for professional training of sky- divers in America. The1962 World Meet was even held there!  Many sport parachuting innovations, especially in safety, were developed at PI's Orange and Lakewood Drop Zones) and quite a few experimental and successful parachute designs were tested and developed at the Orange and Lakewood DZ's by Pioneer and other companies. PI was also a major national dealer for sport and military surplus gear.

If you have any history information, stories to tell, photos to contribute or would like to contact old friends, than this is the place. The people page has some addresses or e-mail nodes or if you would like to get on the mailing list, just click on the button below from the provider you wish to have your news sent to. The system will automatically pick up your e-mail address from which you sent the request. Presently we also send out aircraft and jumping news from Australia where this project is being built.

Project PI
is the work of 
Thom Lyons
B-4836 (USA)
C-16 (RVN)
D-1903 (Australia)
POPS (Downunder) 187

First jump, August 3, 1963 at Lakewood, New Jersey

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Project PI is an online collaborative effort to document the first commercial parachute company, Parachutes Incorporated, its 6 DZ's, it's 15 aircraft and as many of the personalities that worked or jumped there that we can find.  Anyone may contribute with stories, information and photographs and are encouraged to do so. Click on the logo above to send e-mail to Thom Lyons, Project coordinator in Melbourne, Australia.

The Porject would like to thank Anne Heck, editor and webmaste of

on-line skydiving magazine for hosting this site.
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