The "Para-Bowl"

No one could ever accuse Jasque Istel of thinking small!  As a member of the Massachusetts Parachuting Commission he persuaded Rep. Silvio O. Conte (from Pittsfield, Mass) into arranging Federal loan guarantees for $1.6 million to build the Para-Bowl.  The papers submitted to the Government costed the Bowl construction at $770.00 plus $903,280 for operating and "other" expenses.

The Bowl Plans showed seating for 50,000 skydiving fans who were to be charged $3 each admission.  When the loan was paid off, the Bowl would become the property of the City of Orange

The grand plans never came off but quite a good Para-Bowl was constructed.  What spectators that did arrive did actually sit on a much reduced grass rim around the Bowl.  Its not in bad shape today though not what once it was.  The photo below is a view from the opposite side of the Bowl as the drawing.  Photo by Jim Holston 1980.

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